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BHM: Calm & Confident: Serena Williams

  For my final round up of inspirational women this black history month, I'm paying homage to the beautiful and mega talented Serena Williams. I don't think there is a more perfect example of a black woman who has more confidence in abundance, and a winning record of achievements to boot. I doubt there is any corner of the world left unbeknown to the incredible achievements of this superstar. She has been around since forever and still winning major grand…
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BHM: Beauty Bae Jourdan Dunn

She's been around for a minute now but I still haven't had my fix of this beauty. Jourdan Dunn is doing amazingly since first being spotted amongst the racks in Primark in 2006. Fast forward 10 years and she is easily the most recognisable and admirable faces in the beauty industry. It's hard to believe that from such ordinary beginnings, and in a relatively short space of time, she's had such an amazing career. Bu it doesn't stop there. This…
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Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s October and if you didn’t already know its Breast Cancer awareness month. If your lucky enough to not have come into contact yet with anyone who has or has had cancer in the past, you are blessed. As many of us are living longer, it’s likely that as we go through life we will encounter someone at some stage, who has suffered from this condition. Thankfully, there are great services in the UK for diagnosis and treatment and I…
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BHM: Beauty Muse – Winnie Harlow

  It's October and it's black history month. If you know me you'll know I don't really need a month to celebrate black history because I celebrate black history all year round. But since we're in the mood of celebrating, I'll just celebrate the rise and rise of one of my favourite fashion models ever, true beauty... Winnie Harlow. This Canadian born beauty has been taking to fashion runways all over the globe and ab-solutely nailing it! I just love her. Love…
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How to be more productive when working online

I don't know about you but I find this incredibly hard. Harder than I remember for a while actually. From the moment I open my laptop, emails, face-time, youtube, my blog, back to emails and youtube almost 4-5 hours have easily disappeared! As if the time passing isn't bad enough, sometimes I think to myself, what did I actually achieve in those hours? Of course if the purpose is just for pleasure then thats fine. But if like me you…
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10 places to visit in Europe

I'm never stuck for things to do or places to see when it comes to travelling. Often the hardest part is deciding which place to visit first! Whilst this is certainly not the worst position to be in, I've been thinking recently about how nice it would be to think about visiting places intentionally. Often, when I travel, it's been for a holiday, or sometimes just a well needed break. I can usually be found poolside on a beach for…
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